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Alberta Book: Photographs by George Webber

As an urban explorer who holds a love for urbex photography, I am continually on the lookout for works published by professional photographers. My wife and I often find ourselves at the nearby Indigo/Chapters store as she is an avid bookworm who easily manages to read at least 3-4 novels a month. While she browses I always end up gravitating towards the photography/fine arts section to see what’s new. I then quickly glance through the local interest section which generally has few titles that peak my interest. However, on one of our recent “book dates”, I came across a photography book by George Webber simply called Alberta Book. I must admit that I’ve never heard of Mr Webber but the cover photo certainly caught my attention.

The book contains over 200 color photographs of Webber’s work compiled over 40 years of photographing and exploring the many forgotten Alberta towns that dot the Canadian prairies. An abundance of pictures depicting deteriorating signs, abandoned buildings, an…

Urban explorers refuse to let history die

An article published by ABC Sunshine Coast news delves into the urban exploration movement and the passion that drives explorers to abandoned places. Tim Fawley, a Sydney based explorer who maintains the Abandonedaustralia.com website, and “Craig”, a Brisbane based explorer who maintains the Devils Donuts Facebook page, discuss the appeal of exploring abandoned places and the need to preserve a buildings history before its gone through photography. The importance of secrecy and safety is also discussed by the two men and the common sense approach they take when exploring. A compelling article to read.