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Alberta Book: Photographs by George Webber

As an urban explorer who holds a love for urbex photography, I am continually on the lookout for works published by professional photographers. My wife and I often find ourselves at the nearby Indigo/Chapters store as she is an avid bookworm who easily manages to read at least 3-4 novels a month. While she browses I always end up gravitating towards the photography/fine arts section to see what’s new. I then quickly glance through the local interest section which generally has few titles that peak my interest. However, on one of our recent “book dates”, I came across a photography book by George Webber simply called Alberta Book. I must admit that I’ve never heard of Mr Webber but the cover photo certainly caught my attention.

The book contains over 200 color photographs of Webber’s work compiled over 40 years of photographing and exploring the many forgotten Alberta towns that dot the Canadian prairies. An abundance of pictures depicting deteriorating signs, abandoned buildings, an…

“Dead Crossroads-Season 1 (2012)” A creepy blend of bando and storytelling

Two explorers travel to some of Frances most haunted and abandoned homes to record their finds. They spend one day and one night at each location, to put their haunted reputation “to the test”.

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Dead Crossroads is a well-crafted blend of urban exploration and urban legend that is genuinely scary to watch. Each of the twelve episodes engages the viewer. The documentary style of filming is eye candy for explorers who may never have the chance to visit these locations. Fabian Delage often points out architectural features and other oddities while they explore, everything one would expect from an urban exploration video. The dangers of rotted wood and crumbling stone are evident.

However, we are quickly reminded of the real reason why are two explorers are there. Tales of tragedy, murder and hauntings are narrated at each location. As night approaches, the entire feeling of the explore changes. Over the course of the twelve episodes, the tension mounts as their camera catches everything from very real human danger to paranormal occurrences.

While so many of today’s YouTubers follow the same formulistic approach in combining urban exploration and the paranormal, Fabien Delage and Julien Mazzitelli do it well!

A little hard to find in North America these days but a quick search of YouTube will find season 1. Although, not in the quality it deserves to be watched in. I bet you’ll binge watch the entire season at once!

Check out the trailer below!

source Fright House Pictures